Monday, May 5, 2014

DIY Beauty Products!

I've been on a DIY kick lately...not with crafts, or with food...but with beauty products!

As I get older, my skin seems to get more and more sensitive.  I'm 37 now and man, what a difference even just from five years ago in my skin! Products I've used for years (and I do mean years) have suddenly started to cause reactions like never before. (ie: the skin under and around my eyes drying out so much and flaking, turning red and swollen, ugh!)

I'm going to start sharing recipes I try out, and my experiences and opinions with them, on this blog! So if there is something in particular you are interested in finding out about, shoot me an email and I'll try it out for you!

So far, I've made a Lemon Body Sugar Scrub (that I've actually already made before) and loved.

 My next step will be to try out a recipe for a good body butter.

And I also made a Chocolate Cocoa Sugar Facial Scrub that I tried for the first time last night. OH. My. GOODNESS. It smells divine (like, I want to dip a spoon into it and EAT it) and I've only used it once but the skin on my face is crazy soft today!
Doesn't that look like brownie batter? Yum!

So stay tuned, everyone, and I'll post some recipes soon! I also hope to tackle a good facial moisturizer, body butter, lip balm AND even a foundation!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

More details for Avery's upcoming Sweet Shoppe 3rd Birthday Party...

Hey everyone! I've been busy, busy getting things ready for Avery's 3rd Birthday Party. We are doing a Sweet Shoppe theme for her party and the planning has been so much fun.

Who doesn't love candy?

This weekend I started assembling candy jars for the candy buffet (or candy bar, whatever you want to call it!).

This picture is before I spray painted the lids of some of mason jars I am using.

Almost all of the jars and vases I am using, I already had in my house! Those are the best kind, free. :-) But if you need some for YOUR party, you an easily hit up dollar stores or Walmart, Target or even Michael's (using a good 40 or 50% off coupon).

And I also created a Dum-Dum topiary that will sit on the main table.
Obviously, this isn't the finished product yet. I still have to get some
cute crinkly paper to cover up the Styrofoam.

It came out SO cute!  I will show you how I made it in a different post.

There is still more to do, and I'm slowly making progress. I just went out and spray-painted some of my jar lids, as well as the pieces for the cake stand I'm making. 

And ignore the light pink splatters of paint everywhere. The Krylon spray paint shot out everywhere in a
mess when I tried to use it whereas the Rustoleum sprays SO nicely and "neatly" (the darker pink).

I still have a couple more types of candy to get (some I ordered online at Oriental Trading and a couple of things I'll pick up at the dollar store) but otherwise I have everything I need! 

This is seriously going to be the cutest party and so far, I think it's been my favorite one to plan. Can't wait to see it all come together.

And if you want to see where some of my party planning inspiration has been coming from, feel free to check out my board on Pinterest. There are SO MANY awesome ideas (and seriously crafty people sharing their fun experiences) out there to take advantage of!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

An adorable M2M birthday headband!

There are so many things I could be doing but what did I instead decide to start (and finish) this morning??

Why, a made to match headband to match Avery's birthday dress, of course!

Like I mentioned in a previous post, we're having a Sweet Shoppe themed 3rd Birthday Party for my sweet little Avery.

I saw an adorable dress on a blog someone had written and fell in reminded me of gumballs! So I googled and searched and found it finally.

Of COURSE, we had to do a quick try-on and my girl spun and twirled all over the living room in approval.
Please excuse my big 'ol finger in this cell phone pic!
When this girl is spinning, you have to move FAST to catch the picture!

So, this morning I got an itch to make her birthday headband. Nevermind the fact that her party (and actual birthday) is not until March 15th. I just couldn't help myself!
It came out SO adorable, if I do say so myself. ;-)
You can't really see in this pic, but the headband elastic is pink and sparkly...PERFECT for Avery.
 She is the epitome of a girly-girl.  
Oh, and that matching fabric flower underneath? Heh heh, the dress came with a fabric "headband" that literally would have only fit an infant, definitely not the noggin on my almost-3  year old. So I snipped it apart and sewed it into the shape I want. Waste not, want not!
 I posted a pic on my Itty Bitty Bow Boutique facebook page letting people know I can make made-to-match headbands for them and I hope someone takes me up on it...I LOVE doing these.
I can't WAIT for this birthday party. It's going to be SO bright and fun. Ok, off to start working on some candy decorations. I promise to share soon! 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

There are LOTS of exciting new things coming to the Itty Bitty Bow Boutique this Spring!
I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!
Be sure to like my Itty Bitty Bow Boutique facebook page to be updated with info about upcoming giveaways, auctions, sales and **NEW PRODUCTS**!!
In the meantime, you know where to find us
for a little bit of whimsy,
and a whole lot of adorable for your little one!
 *Basic Korkers*
*Mini Korkers*
*Funky Loop Korkers*
*flower headbands*
*super fluffy tutus and tutu dresses*
 *chunky bead and bottlecap necklaces*
*paper party supplies such as cupcake toppers and birthday banners*
Follow the link to bring you to my etsy shop!
*korker strands for bow-making on your own*

...the list is endless...and yes, there is still more to come! 

Be sure to check back in soon!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's time to plan out Avery's Sweet Shoppe 3rd Birthday Party!

I just can't believe it but my little baby girl, Avery,
will be turning THREE YEARS OLD in early March.
HOW did that happen?? Wasn't she just BORN?
But I digress!
I'm already planning out her birthday party and have been pinning like crazy, taking notes, starting to gather up supplies. I LOVE birthday parties for my kids. Planning and executing them gives me an almost giddy high!  I'm sure a lot of friends and family (my husband included!) may think I'm an insane party animal for going into so many details, but now that my kids are bigger, and can verbalize how much they love it, well it makes my day like nothing else.
So, for Little Miss Avery, we will have a Sweet Shoppe Party! I've seen the idea ALL OVER the blogosphere so nothing "original" but it's certainly super cute and colorful!
And sweet. Who doesn't love sweets????
If you are interested, here is the board I've been pinning to for the party. Will I use ALL these ideas for her party? Of course not! But they are giving me some great ideas of what I want to do and I'm starting to narrow it all down.
A friend of mine is working on the party printables. I had a sneak peek and they will be suuuuuuper cute. Invitation, cupcake toppers, labels for the goody bags, etc.
I started making some cute little "candy" decorations that will adorn the dessert table (sorry I didn't link the blog where I learned how to make them, but if you go to my Sweet Shoppe board on Pinterest, you'll find the tutorial there! I did mine a tiny bit differently then hers, but close enough).  Here's a pic of  a couple of my fake "candies"  (with a cute little fake cupcake I bought off etsy...I'm going to take some pics of Avery for her invitation with the cupcake and then after it will serve as decoration at the party):
 I also may start up soon on the birthday banner (otherwise known to some as "bunting" but that makes me think of dessert, LOL, so I just call it a pennant banner). Found this tutorial on Pinterest just last night, for the banner pictured below. Seems simple and cute, right?
And since I JUST touched a sewing machine for the first time EVER the other night when a good friend gave me my first lesson, it's not too ambitious to want to sew it, right? :-) I normally just whip up a banner with my cricut but this years I really hope to sew.  Here's a couple photos of banners I've created in the past, using my cricut (except for this first one where I just used some circle cutters I have from my scrap-booking days): 
Banners for Avery's 1st Birthday Party.
(no theme, just the colors of pink, black and zebra print)


Birthday Sign for Hunter's Pirate 3rd Birthday Party


Avery's 2nd Birthday Minnie Mouse Banner. LOVE how this one came out. :-)

Mickey head banner for decoration.
I love using my Cricut to make as many of the birthday decorations as I can (not just banners)! This year will be no exception. So even if I don't sew the birthday banner, I'll still make one.
Before I leave you to go work on some decorations, check out these super cute frames and doilies--in our party colors--that I got from Michael's $1 and $2 bins!
I try to always keep my eyes out for potential good deals I can use and these just happened to be there when I KNEW about her party. Other times I randomly buy items not sure when/where/how I'll use them, but knowing eventually I WILL.
Anyway, check back in soon cuz I'll be sharing my progress as I create! I have some cake stands to put together but it's just been too cold to spray paint. So those will probably come sometime next month....see ya soon! Happy crafting!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hot Cocoa Packets - perfect for teacher or neighbor gifts!

Well, another blog that I've been almost non-existent on for Moooooooonths!

I'm SO sorry about that! Life is busy and crazy with two toddlers, a husband, a dog, a part time job and a bow-business on the side. Throw in Christmas? Total chaos!!

But here I am for a quick check-in. I've got lots more things to start posting about, probably more so after the holidays are OVER. 

For now, I just wanted to share a little something I'm giving to Hunter's two preschool teachers.  I made cookies and I am going to tie some up in a cute little bag w/ribbon. 

But I wanted to add a little something else to go with it. And since I am broke as can be, I could not go buy anything. So I analyzed Pinterest and miscellaneous blogs for ideas and decided to put these cute little Hot Cocoa packets together!

Sorry for the dark picture. I took it last night on the the light of just Christmas tree lights!
My hubby was asleep on the couch so I didn't want to wake him up.
Cute, huh? And super simple! I pinned a blog that had these adorable FREE holiday printables on it and quickly printed two of the Christmas bag toppers out on card stock. I already had a (huge) box of hot cocoa--the kids would put an IV in of it, if I let them--and mini marshmallows. I also had a box of mini candy canes and some leftover holiday Hershey kisses, from making our Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies.

I also pulled out a box of plastic cutlery (I ALWAYS have some laying around from a birthday party that's passed). Melted up some of my melting chocolate (um, yes, something else I always seem have on hand!) and dipped the plastic spoons into the chocolate. Then I sprinkled on some of the crushed up candy canes. Lay the spoon on some parchment or wax paper to dry...they harden up pretty quickly. Mmmmmm, I'm already picturing how yummy it will be dipping that spoon into a steaming mug of hot chocolate (BTW, do you call it hot cocoa? Or hot chocolate??)! I made a couple extras for the kids to enjoy! I've done these before and they are pretty self explanatory, but if you need a little more guidance on how to make the chocolate-dipped spoons, there are TONS of pins on how to make them on Pinterest!

I put my items in a regular 'ol sandwich bag then stapled the bag topper onto the top. Voila! Instant cute (and inexpensive) gift! If I have time I MAY try to make an ornament for each teacher, but since Hunter's preschool class Christmas party is TOMORROW...that may not happen.

Anyway, moral of the story? You don't need to spend a ton to give someone a thoughtful gift!

Handmade is always fun and appreciated!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Come visit my multi-vendor auction over at Itty Bitty Bow Boutique (on FB)!

Hi Everyone!

There is an AWESOME multi-vendor auction going on over at my FB page for Itty Bitty Bow Boutique.

Go check it out! Lots of adorable items, including some by your truly! 
Click the picture to take you to the auction to bid on this beauty, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road".

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I have some bows and chunky bead necklaces available to be bid on!

IN addition, some of the other talented ladies have in the auction: baby blankets. wristlets, jewelry, homemade laundry soap, baby swaddle, pillow case dresses, Minnie Mouse aprons, super hero capes and more!!!

So get over and get your bid on while the auction is still live this weekend!!