Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter fun for kids!

The closer Easter gets, the more holiday-ish I'm feeling!

Usually Easter is a pretty quiet affair for us.  My FIL, great-GIL and usually my Mom and her boyfriend come over for a small but yummy dinner. And the past three years I haven't done much in the way of decorating with little hands alway grabbing. 

Oh my LORD, they were so TEENY last year!!
But this year is different!  It's Hunter's 3rd Easter and Avery's 2nd (she was only about a month old for her 1st!) and I'm super excited to celebrate this year with these two munchkins. 

Hunter knows the Easter Bunny is coming and he talks about him often. He LOVES playing with the plastic eggs I bought a couple of weeks ago.  And I know he will have a blast dying eggs the night before Easter, as is our tradition.  Last year he was kinda young to understand, but he still enjoyed it with his Daddy!

So, Hunter and I have been doing some fun crafty activities in preparation for the holiday! We've made white chocolate dipped Oreo Pops (with "prinkles" as he calls them). The kid LOVES his sprinkles. That was messy, but fun. And delicious, might I add.

And we also put together a pretty Easter bouquet of plastic eggs. Super easy, super cute. I had some wooden skewers, from last summer when I made shish kabobs, cluttering up my utensil drawer.  I also already had a pink vase. Grabbed a $2 pack of colorful plastic eggs one day from Joann's and then...Voila!

And today we also started on our Easter cards with some foam holiday cut outs I picked up at Michael's the other day.  No pictures yet, but they're coming along very cute!

I love watching the holidays through the eyes of children. as we try to make this a fun and memorable experience for them. It REALLY brings me back to my own childhood and all the great memories my Mom and Dad made for me and my brother. I hope I can give that to MY kids and that when THEY are adults, they will have nothing but fond memories of their own childhoods.

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