Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I made a Cake Stand

Hi, my name is April, and I'm addicted to Pinterest.


I didn't want to be like "everyone else" who jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon. I stubbornly held out for as long as I could, until my curiosity got the best of me.

And I haven't looked back at those anti-Pinterest thoughts since!!

My first project was something I saw through a combination of perusing blogs on my own AND seeing something similar on Pinterest.  A cake stand!

I hit up the dollar store to get a plate and drinking glass. Two bucks. Then Home Depot to get a can of pink spray paint (I wanted to use the cake stand for my daughter's 1st birthday party which I decorated in pink, black, white and zebra print) for about four bucks.  And I called my husband and asked him to bring in his glue that night when he got home from work.

This was definitely a learning experience. Ha! Let's just say with my first cake stand (yes, my first!)
I learned that Gorilla Glue is NOT the best option for an adhesive! Once it started to dry, it expanded, and we laughed at the crooked finished product. Although, honestly, it wasn't crooked ENOUGH for me not to want to use it for my daughter's birthday party!

 I decided to try again, so another day, another dollar store for a second dish and drinking glass! 

Then a quick run to the craft store (well as quick as can be dragging out the double stroller, strapping two fidgety children in, and getting way-laid by zebra-print card stock and Easter baskets!) to pick up some E6000.
Rinse and repeat! So cake stand number 2 was glued and left to dry over night for 24 hours. I analyzed this one from different angles to be SURE there was no crookedness and while the E-6000 was wet, arranged and rearranged the glass!

Next, it was time for spray paint! Honestly, I've never spray painted before and I asked my hubby for some pointers. That morphed into him offering to paint for me.  I swear, I think Daryl has a secretly hidden crafty side that he doesn't let on about. 

We let both cake stands dry overnight and the next day they were still tacky, so I made sure to be careful with them. 

I decided to try out one of the cake stands the morning of Avery's birthday when we had an early morning cupcake.  I didn't want the top of the dish spray painted becuz I wanted it to be food-safe, however I DO plan on making some more (yes, more cake stands!) and painting the top. Just be sure, if you do, to put a doily or something in between the paint and your food items!

Daryl complimented me on the finished product, and didn't think I was crazy for wanting multiple cake stands, and we brought them to Avery's party! Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of them that day due to the craziness of hosting a party with 50 people (27 of them children!!) but you can sorta see one of the stands here.

I have to say, my first Pinterest-inspired project turned out not half-bad and another plus? It re-awakened my love of crafty stuff! It's been waaaaaaaaaaaay too long and I'm getting back in the crafty saddle!

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