Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I opened my own Etsy Shop

I took the plunge.

I opened my own Etsy shop last night!

I've been obsessed with all things hair bow related since I started making them for Little Miss Avery. And I know a couple of little babies (one yet to be born) that I'm already contemplating what to make for them!

A couple of people I know mentioned I should sell them.

I know there are TONS of talented ladies already on Etsy selling hair bows--but honestly, I'm not doing it to turn some crazy profit or anything--and it's more of a fun hobby on the side. If I can make a couple of bucks here and there to support my expanding ribbon habit? Score!

Right now I only have one bow listed (my Stars and Stripes Korker Bow) but that will change soon. I have to take more pictures this weekend and I'll be able to post a couple of more to start out with. Hopeully my little model (and the weather!) will cooperate so we can take some shots outside.
Awww! Ha ha, her face kills me in this picture! It was her "Mama, puh-LEEZ pick me up NOW!" face.

And if anyone ends up wanting one with specific colors/polka dots/whatever, I will totally work with them!

I also don't have a banner/logo yet becuz I'm a bit computer technically-challenged. But I'll get there eventually! I need to maybe google it, cuz I'm stumped!

All you crazy-talented Etsy ladies out there, do you have any ideas for me? Suggestions? Thoughts? Advice?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Homemade Boutique and Korker Hair Bows

My newest guilty crafting pleasure??

Hair bow-making!

I can see this one getting out of control. 

Every since Avery was born, I've been buying hair bows and clippies (to put on headbands) and recently I've started to get annoyed with (1) how pricey some of them are (especially if I only wanted ONE of the bows in a package of four); (2) how cheaply some of them are made and thinking to myself "I'm sure I could make it better!"; and (3) the fact that I can never seem to FIND exactly what I'm looking for. (For instance, I've been wanting a chocolate brown hair bow/headband for Avery for what seems like forever...and I have found it almost impossible to find one!

I'm not sure how it happened, but about a week and a half ago, I stumbled across some bow-making video tutorials on youtube. 

I thought to myself: What the hell, I'm going to give it a try!

I ordered my ribbons online from a site called Ribbon and Bows Oh My! and got some cute choices delivered to me, to go along with some of the ribbons I already had.  My goal was to make a patriotic hair bow of some sort. 

I decided for my first bow that I wanted to make a Korker Hair Bow. They are utterly adorable and I LOVED the one I'd ordered from Etsy to go with Avery's 1st Birthday onesie.

So, I followed this video tutorial on how to make a Korker Hair Bow, one night after putting the kids to bed.

It's a tad time-consuming but honestly? I found it relaxing! I did it while my hubby was surfing the Internet and I watched a TV show or two or three. Ha.

This was her idea for a "korker box" to make it easier to tie up the korkers. Very smart!

Here's my Korker before I attached it to the alligator clip.  I love the stars and stripes!

My beautiful patriotic girl...she loved her new pretty bow! She'll be the snazziest girl for all our patriotic holidays this summer: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day!

Well, as you can imagine, I didn't stop there.

Next, using this Classic Boutique Video Tutorial as my guide, I made Avery a new Minnie Mouse bow!

This one was easy but tricky at the same time. I say "tricky" becuz getting the ribbon to look just right could possibly drive you insane (based on some of the comments I read under her video. Ha!). I didn't have too hard of a time thankfully, I refolded it only twice. 

Honestly, the part that made me the crazy, was trying to do the 3-fold crease in the center of the bow. It's probably easier just to sew it (I saw this on another tutorial video that was not-so-great) but honestly, as I've mentioned before: I DON'T SEW!!!  (Even though I'm very interested in getting started. Daryls' grandma has offered to show me how.)

See my reflection in the laptop? I literally made this AS I watched the tutorial.
There was a bit of pausing and replaying going on!

And then on a whim, I decided to glue on one of the Minnie Mouse Resins I had bought recently.

I loved how it turned out...so cute!

It looks super adorable on Avery's head, too!!

 I've already got lots of ideas floating around in my head now for potential future hair bows both for MY daughter and some of the little girls I know and love!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pedestal Frames

I LOVE photos.

There are literally framed photos ALL OVER my home.

One of my favorite stories is when my hubby and I were in Florida for our honeymoon and about two day's worth of photos somehow accidentally deleted off my camera. I BAWLED my eyes out and when Daryl was like, "What's the big deal? It's just pictures." I gasped out to him, "Pictures are MEMORIES!"

So to do this day, Daryl and I jokingly cry to each other, "Pictures are MEMORIES!" and it always elicits a laugh.

I make it a habit to find cute frames to display my memories in, but since I don't have bottomless funds, I can't always buy what I want.  But when I stumbled upon this amazingly crafty blog, I was over the moon to see these gorgeous pedestal frames...that were HOMEMADE. 

So you KNOW I had to immediately run out to Goodwill to get some of my supplies! 

First I picked up some candlesticks.  They were $1.99 and  $2,99,

See that pewter one in the back?  It was engraved with "Pat and Sam" and their wedding date in 1999. So sad that they donated their wedding candlesticks, do you they got a divorce? I find it kind of interesting to think just where some of my Goodwill finds come from, especially when they are more personalized like this one was!

Next I picked up some frames.  They ranged in price from approximately $1-3.00.  Nice and cheap!  The large black frame in the back (for only $2.99!!!) was actually for my homemade chalkboard I made for my kitchen. 

Next stop, after Goodwill, was Home Depot!  I wanted a nice creamy white for the pedestal frames (and a blue for my chalkboard frame) so I picked up Rust-oleum's Satin Heirloom White.

I am in LOVE with this color and seriously want to paint everything in sight with it!! 

I brought all my goodies outside to do some spray-painting.  And yes, I spray painted directly on the picnic table. It's old and decrepit, splintery and the bench seats are all warped.   Daryl keeps promising to build a new one (before one of us ends up with a splinter in our backside) but it hasn't happened yet and summer is on the way.

So maybe the spray-painted blotches will be a nudge in the right direction. Ha!

I did two coats on everything and let it dry before breaking out the E6000 glue.  Of course, I messed around with one of the frames while it was drying and accidentally pulled up some of the paint from the frame. Oops! So after the glue dried, I brought back outside to re-spray.

While my frames are not perfect (I made some mistakes but I've learned from them for next time!), I'm SO happy  with how pretty they turned out! 

While they would look nice with any pictures, I think they look especially fancy with black and white or sepia photographs in them.  I put one of my wedding photos in the larger frame and in the smaller wallet size, I put a picture of my best friend's son that I've been needing a frame for. 

 They are adorable.


And I'm ready to make some more. 

I'm going to make some blue and pink pedestal frames for the room my kid's share, that I've been working on decorating.  I also have plans to make some as gifts!

For the cost of about $3 or $4, they can be a thrifty yet fabulous gift!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

No-Sew Tie Applique Shirt

Been seeing something cute all over the Internet lately....

....Tie Shirts!!

What is a Tie Shirt, you ask?

Fabric, that is applied on a onesie or a shirt, as an iron-on...A-dorable!

Okay, this is super easy. If I can do it, YOU can do it. Seriously!

First I went to Goodwill and got two plain white shirts, one for my son ($2.49) and one for my daughter ($1.49). I actually WANTED red, becuz I was going for a more patriotic feel for the upcoming holidays, but unfortunately there were no solid red (no print) shirts at the Goodwill store I went to. Oh well!

Next, I made a trip to Joann's with my 40% digital coupon in hand! (Did you know you can download the Joann's app on your smart phone and voila! Digital coupons will always be available for your shopping trips. Brilliance!)

I started out looking at the Red Dot fabrics but then from afar, I spotted the looooooong line at the fabric cutting counter and then I looked down at my two tired (ie: SICK OF SHOPPING) 2.5 and 1 year old and pondered my dilemma.  I pondered it until I saw the millions of pre-wrapped Fabric Squares and realized my problem was solved! I picked out a couple choices ($1.99 each) and then searched high and low for...Wonder Under. Would you believe I asked THREE employees before finally, FINALLY someone knew what I was talking about and was able to help me? Sheesh.  So I bought a yard of it for $3.49 (becuz I have some other applique projects on the back burner), along with all my other crafty goodies, and headed on home.

I had already cut out my tie template.  I'm kinda embarrassed to admit, but, our darn printer is not working right now (I've asked hubby a bunch of times to look at it for me becuz I can't figure out what is wrong, but he obviously keeps forgetting)....SO....I grabbed a pencil, a sheet of tissue paper and laid the tissue over my lap top screen and LIGHTLY drew my template, then cut it out.

Pretty lime green tissue, hmmm?

Next, I traced it onto regular paper so it be sturdier (next time I will probably use card stock instead of just regular copy paper, like I did).

And now we are ready! I ironed up my shirts (after washing and drying) and set them aside.  Then take a piece of Wonder Under and placed it on the table, ROUGH SIDE UP. I laid my piece of (cut to match the rectangle of W.U.) fabric, with the BACK SIDE DOWN against the rough side of the Wonder Under.

 Iron the pieces together then let it cool a minute.

In case you are wondering, these pics are of the shirt I made for my daughter,
which was a heart...not a tie.   But I forgot to take pics while making his shirt!

Next, flip your fused pieces over so the Wonder Under side is up, then trace your template onto the paper.  Now you are ready to cut out your two pieces of your tie shape!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the next step, but it's pretty self explanatory.  Lay your tie pieces down onto your shirt. I put the curve of the "knot" of the tie right up against the collar of the shirt and then the bottom half of the tie I put under it, over-lapping the "knot" slightly over the bottom half.  Hold it in place, then iron onto your shirt!

Adorable holiday shirts completed!

I showed the hubby when he got home and he laughed and told me it was "Cool looking".  The next morning, my son was SO EXCITED to see his shirt that Mommy made for him!

I convinced him to try it on (with bed-head and his jammie pants still on, ha!) but convincing him to smile AND look at the camera at the same time? Not so easy. ;-)

One more time, NO SEW, baby! I have NO CLUE how to sew and I was really excited to stumble upon these cute shirts. I know some crafty ladies like to throw a stitch in around it, and I haven't decided yet if I'll ask my Grandma-in-law to do that for me, or see how these hold up in the wash without the stitch.  Either way though, go make these shirts! They are ADORABLE and super cheap to make!  For two shirts, I spent approximately 9 or 10 bucks!!
My handsome little model did a great job!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chocolate Covered Peep...on a Stick

Ok...after typing that title...all I can hear in my head is "Jalepeno....on a steeeeeeeeeck" in my best (which is pretty bad) Mexican accent.  Ha!

Anyway, I was blog-surfing holiday stuff a couple of weeks ago, looking for something easy to make that my 2.5 year old son could help me with but that also tasted delish! And that's when I saw a yummy treat on this blog. Chocolate dipped Peeps!


I got the lollipop sticks, lollipop bags and pink Wilton melting chocolate (they are like little disc-shapes) from Michael's.  The Peeps from Target on one of our many runs!

It's all pretty self-explanatory but for those who like directions, here is what we did:

1.  Melt the Wilton chocolates in a mug (I chose a thin, deep mug that could accomodate the whole Peep body). I prefer to microwave my chocolate becuz it's super easy and quick. I added about a teaspoon of Crisco to thin it out and microwaved at 15 second intervals, mixing every now and then to remove any clumps.

2.  This next step, I was aided by my little mini-Chef.  I dipped the lollipop stick in the chocolate myself and tapped off the excess, then let Hunter help me push the lollipop stick into the Peep.

Make sure you go far enough in (but not poking through his head...aaaahhh, bunny brains!) becuz one of the Peeps I let Hunter do, he didnt' and it almost fell off the stick when I was dipping it into the chocolate!

3.  I don't know if you need to, but I put the Peeps in the fridge for a few minutes so they'd be nice and cold, ready for dipping into the hot melted chocolate.

4. This next step was handled strictly by Mommy. Dip the Peep into the schocolate and then shake off all the excess by tapping the stick against the side of the mug.

You're not crazy. That IS a regular marshmallow that I'm dipping. We did a couple of those as well!

Our sprinkle mine-field. Heh. We made quite the mess!
5. And now it's "prinkle" time, as my son would say! Now obviously if you clicked the link to the blog where I got this idea from, you'll see her Peeps are SUPER cute and way more professional looking. She put on adorable faces and bunny tails using candy and little marshmallows.

 I wanted to keep this simple, for the sake of Mommy's sanity, so we stuck to just sprinkles.

Since most of these are being gifted to children and family, I'm sure they will be fine with how they look. ;-)

6.  These dry pretty quickly so we packaged them up immediately after and of course, made sure to sample a Peep or two.

I seriously underestimated how yummy chocolate covered Peeps could taste!  Yum! And my little taste-taster approved.