Saturday, April 21, 2012

Homemade Boutique and Korker Hair Bows

My newest guilty crafting pleasure??

Hair bow-making!

I can see this one getting out of control. 

Every since Avery was born, I've been buying hair bows and clippies (to put on headbands) and recently I've started to get annoyed with (1) how pricey some of them are (especially if I only wanted ONE of the bows in a package of four); (2) how cheaply some of them are made and thinking to myself "I'm sure I could make it better!"; and (3) the fact that I can never seem to FIND exactly what I'm looking for. (For instance, I've been wanting a chocolate brown hair bow/headband for Avery for what seems like forever...and I have found it almost impossible to find one!

I'm not sure how it happened, but about a week and a half ago, I stumbled across some bow-making video tutorials on youtube. 

I thought to myself: What the hell, I'm going to give it a try!

I ordered my ribbons online from a site called Ribbon and Bows Oh My! and got some cute choices delivered to me, to go along with some of the ribbons I already had.  My goal was to make a patriotic hair bow of some sort. 

I decided for my first bow that I wanted to make a Korker Hair Bow. They are utterly adorable and I LOVED the one I'd ordered from Etsy to go with Avery's 1st Birthday onesie.

So, I followed this video tutorial on how to make a Korker Hair Bow, one night after putting the kids to bed.

It's a tad time-consuming but honestly? I found it relaxing! I did it while my hubby was surfing the Internet and I watched a TV show or two or three. Ha.

This was her idea for a "korker box" to make it easier to tie up the korkers. Very smart!

Here's my Korker before I attached it to the alligator clip.  I love the stars and stripes!

My beautiful patriotic girl...she loved her new pretty bow! She'll be the snazziest girl for all our patriotic holidays this summer: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day!

Well, as you can imagine, I didn't stop there.

Next, using this Classic Boutique Video Tutorial as my guide, I made Avery a new Minnie Mouse bow!

This one was easy but tricky at the same time. I say "tricky" becuz getting the ribbon to look just right could possibly drive you insane (based on some of the comments I read under her video. Ha!). I didn't have too hard of a time thankfully, I refolded it only twice. 

Honestly, the part that made me the crazy, was trying to do the 3-fold crease in the center of the bow. It's probably easier just to sew it (I saw this on another tutorial video that was not-so-great) but honestly, as I've mentioned before: I DON'T SEW!!!  (Even though I'm very interested in getting started. Daryls' grandma has offered to show me how.)

See my reflection in the laptop? I literally made this AS I watched the tutorial.
There was a bit of pausing and replaying going on!

And then on a whim, I decided to glue on one of the Minnie Mouse Resins I had bought recently.

I loved how it turned cute!

It looks super adorable on Avery's head, too!!

 I've already got lots of ideas floating around in my head now for potential future hair bows both for MY daughter and some of the little girls I know and love!

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