Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pedestal Frames

I LOVE photos.

There are literally framed photos ALL OVER my home.

One of my favorite stories is when my hubby and I were in Florida for our honeymoon and about two day's worth of photos somehow accidentally deleted off my camera. I BAWLED my eyes out and when Daryl was like, "What's the big deal? It's just pictures." I gasped out to him, "Pictures are MEMORIES!"

So to do this day, Daryl and I jokingly cry to each other, "Pictures are MEMORIES!" and it always elicits a laugh.

I make it a habit to find cute frames to display my memories in, but since I don't have bottomless funds, I can't always buy what I want.  But when I stumbled upon this amazingly crafty blog, I was over the moon to see these gorgeous pedestal frames...that were HOMEMADE. 

So you KNOW I had to immediately run out to Goodwill to get some of my supplies! 

First I picked up some candlesticks.  They were $1.99 and  $2,99,

See that pewter one in the back?  It was engraved with "Pat and Sam" and their wedding date in 1999. So sad that they donated their wedding candlesticks, do you they got a divorce? I find it kind of interesting to think just where some of my Goodwill finds come from, especially when they are more personalized like this one was!

Next I picked up some frames.  They ranged in price from approximately $1-3.00.  Nice and cheap!  The large black frame in the back (for only $2.99!!!) was actually for my homemade chalkboard I made for my kitchen. 

Next stop, after Goodwill, was Home Depot!  I wanted a nice creamy white for the pedestal frames (and a blue for my chalkboard frame) so I picked up Rust-oleum's Satin Heirloom White.

I am in LOVE with this color and seriously want to paint everything in sight with it!! 

I brought all my goodies outside to do some spray-painting.  And yes, I spray painted directly on the picnic table. It's old and decrepit, splintery and the bench seats are all warped.   Daryl keeps promising to build a new one (before one of us ends up with a splinter in our backside) but it hasn't happened yet and summer is on the way.

So maybe the spray-painted blotches will be a nudge in the right direction. Ha!

I did two coats on everything and let it dry before breaking out the E6000 glue.  Of course, I messed around with one of the frames while it was drying and accidentally pulled up some of the paint from the frame. Oops! So after the glue dried, I brought back outside to re-spray.

While my frames are not perfect (I made some mistakes but I've learned from them for next time!), I'm SO happy  with how pretty they turned out! 

While they would look nice with any pictures, I think they look especially fancy with black and white or sepia photographs in them.  I put one of my wedding photos in the larger frame and in the smaller wallet size, I put a picture of my best friend's son that I've been needing a frame for. 

 They are adorable.


And I'm ready to make some more. 

I'm going to make some blue and pink pedestal frames for the room my kid's share, that I've been working on decorating.  I also have plans to make some as gifts!

For the cost of about $3 or $4, they can be a thrifty yet fabulous gift!

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