Saturday, May 5, 2012

Being unemployed...even just!

I've been working on more hair bows lately to pass the time.

It relaxes me. I can shut off my brain for a little bit and just create.  This was my first time making a Stacked Boutique Bow, and it was a tad bigger than I wanted for my one year old's head. I think it will be a much better fit on a toddler sized head.  I'll post more about this in a later blog post though.

And YES, that is all dirty laundry piled up on the floor. I now will have PLENTY of time to tackle this pile. Ugh.

Today I wanna talk about something else.  On Wednesday, I got a temporary pink slip from my job  (my boss is having some major issues right now) so I will be out of work anywhere from one week to one MONTH.  I have a feeling it's going to be more like a month.


I know we won't starve and it's "only" a month. But still, when you rely on two paychecks and that's how you live, to suddenly drop down to one paycheck? It creates a sinking feeling in my gut!

So that means no random trips to Michael's or Joann's for crafting goodies this month.  No spur-of-the-moment thrifting runs to Goodwill (NOT that those sales run me much! I always walk out of there with two bags full from anywhere between $12-20.)  And no unexpected treats for the kids...I like to get them stuff from the Target dollar bin once in a while or an occasional toy on sale, or bouncy ball. I know they don't NEED it, but I like to do it. So, this month, that is all on hold! THAT makes me sad!  Money WILL be tight and I will be looking to cut some costs where I can. I might even break out the 'ol cloth diapers again but this time for Avery (they were Hunter's until he grew out of them, and for Avery I only used them around 4-5 months but got too overwhelmed with everything.  It was just ONE more thing in an already long-list of life stuff to complete!).

This month, I'll be focusing on a few things.  First and foremost, COUPONING! I don't usually do the coupon thing. I'm not organized enough and just don't know where to begin. But I just realized Target has coupons listed on their site (like, a LOT of them!) so I'm starting there and then I'll visit a couple of coupon sites I belong to. 

NEXT on the list?  Potty training! I was originally going to wait until he turned (almost) three years old (August 4th!) but since I have no idea when I'll get another consecutive week off now (my work was scheduled for shut-down the week of July 4th but I imagine that won't be happening now), I decided to tackle the dreaded...POTTY training. We are only a teeny bit ahead of my schedule...Hunter is now 32 months old and talking SO much, so I think communication will be much better to try now.

Of course, this kid is very strong-willed, so we'll see how this goes. Heh. I've gotta just pick up a few more pairs of undies for him, cuz the six pairs we have will NOT be enough. The last time I attempted this (before he was ready) I had six dirty pairs of undies after only TWO hours of PTing.

What else? There's going to be some MAJOR cleaning and organization going on up in herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre! Namely, the bedrooms. The kids' room has been a work in progress for over a year. Between piles of hand-me-down clothes I need to go through and either put away or pack up to give away, toys that both babes have outgrown, and a couple of boxes left over from when we moved IN (yes, a year and a half ago)....I've got my work cut out for me. But I'm determined to get it all organized, and cute-ified (we still need curtains but that will have to wait until I'm back to work).  I'm currently working on making a chalkboard for their room, and I've also spray painted a few more frames I already had to match the color scheme. 

Speaking of chalkboards, this is my new addiction! (I can tell you how I made it, in a different post.) I've made one for the kitchen, and working on one for the kids room and I still have another frame to do! Haven't decided yet where that second one will go.  Maybe in the little shelf-alcove by our backdoor where hubby keeps his stuff...I often times need to leave him notes so he doesn't forget stuff so I'm thinking I can make a long, skinny chalkboard frame to put between the door and the shelves.  Here is my kitchen chalkboard:

And last but certainly not least? Exercise! The weather is starting to warm up so I'd like to get the kids outside much more, which includes some walks around the lake.  AND maybe a couple of trips to the gym, after dropping the kids off at my mom's. She normally watches them while I work and already, I can tell Hunter misses his Nana.  He's woken up every morning since Thursday saying, "Nana's house today?"

Anyway, this is my attempt to turn a unexpected negative into a positive for all my family. Wish me luck!

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