Monday, May 14, 2012

Organization, weekend and a give-a-way, oh my!

Ok first of all....ENTER MY GIVE-A-WAY, people!!! So far, Keri, you are in the lead to win...since you are the ONLY ONE whose entered!

You can win a Korker Hair Bow for FREE. Seriously, people, you don't have to do anything but drop me a comment. Easy-peasy.

Go read the give-a-way rules HERE.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way...what a weekend! It was busy and fun and unfortunately I didn't get any crafting done.  I had a wedding to go to for one of favorite girls Stacey.  She was a beautiful bride, as expected! And I got to glam up a little bit (just a little bit you know how hard it is to dress up when you have like NO dressy clothes? Or clothes that actually FIT? Ugh.)

Also, we had lots of outdoor playtime this weekend...

including yesterday, on my most favorite Mother's Day so far.  There's something to be said for not having any set plans. We just winged it and I loved my day!!

I seriously can't imagine my life WITHOUT these crazy little stinkers. Love them so much!

I did work on some organizing in the kitchen! But I need some help figuring things out from all you super-organized, crafty people out there. So here's what we started with, and PLEASE, don't judge me. Heh heh. It's bad. I'm talking B-A-D, guys. I didn't realize just how crazy these cabinets had gotten (or well, ok, maybe I DID) until I took these pics before organizing.

So here are the BEFORES! 

Before of the tupperware cabinet. In my defense, this cabinet is TINY and has no shelf or anything. My nemesis:

Sooooo...I did some quick thinking and decided this was NOT the right cabinet for the job. After some rearranging, the tupperware/rubbermaid/containers went to live in the old pan cabinet. 

More of an improvement, yes? Not perfect, but at least now I don't have an avalanche of plastic containers raining out on me.

Next I tackled the pan storage. THIS cabinet originally held just pans (not baking supplies).
 I can't tell you how many times I stacked and RE-stacked those damn pans. That bottom drawer actually slides out...and I seriously think that's why it always ends up a mess. Stuff just got tossed in after getting washed.  The top drawer is kinda skinny and set back so we couldn't put much up would get top heavy and collapse.

And since I ended up combining the pans with all the baking/oven cooking storage, I will show you THAT cabinet as well. (and note, these are double-side by side cabinets.)

Seriously, prepare yourself people.  *SHUDDER*

BEFORE-right side:

 BEFORE-left side:

What the heck happened? Again, in my defense, crappiest cabinets EVER. NO shelves for one thing. And that cabinet on the left has that big (see it? silver?) pipe thing going to the range above these cabinets. Smack DAB in the center of the cabinet.

So I combined all the cooking/baking into these two cabinets AND also purged a few items that we almost NEVER used (random tiny pan lid? It went to the kids toy kitchen!).

AFTER-right side:
 AFTER-left side:

And I just realized I forgot to post the AFTER pic of the original tupperware cabinet. THAT tiny cabinet is now kind of my catch-all for random things: cutting boards, giant bottle of vinegar, alcohol bottles, small food processor, and my blender (which used to be on the counter top but I am also trying to reduce counter top clutter!).

AFTER (original tupperware cabinet turned catch-all cabinet):

So, definitely not perfect but it will do for now. Now here's where you come in! Can you guys give me advice on how to better organize and KEEP It organized in these darn cabinets? It's so hard for one thing without shelves in any of them, becuz it's wasted space. Also, the LACK of cabinets is a bummer.  I suppose I could ask Big D to whip up some wood shelves and put them in for me. However, I could be waiting a while, cuz he's been super busy lately. Not sure what I could do so looking for ideas, please!

And last but not least (you didn't really think I was done did you?), is our only ONE two upper cabinets (that's right I said TWO...whoever designed this kitchen was a dumb ass). 

Here is the sloppy-needs-serious-help BEFORE:

I went through this one and got rid of some mugs  and put the fancy ones away (see how many there are? We honestly use like the same 4 over and over) that we don't use. And also I threw away a couple of sippy cups that were crapping out.  This cabinet is such a cluster-&^%$ of stuff cuz we really don't HAVE cabinet space.


So now tell me: What organizational tips work best for your kitchen?

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