Monday, May 21, 2012

Patriotic Pendant Banner

I've been dying to do a Pendant Banner (or I've seen them called Bunting, as well, although that makes me think more of DESSERT than decoration) for a while.

I had some extra fabric leftover from Hunter's No-Sew Tie Applique Shirt and Avery's shirt so I figured I'd add to my patriotic decorations that have been slowly creeping through the house.

I found a pendant template online but I'm sorry to say I can't find the darn link again. So you can just google it, which is what I originally did! I cut out my template and then got to work.

Don't look TOO closely though...I SERIOUSLY need to paint my nails! Stat!

Now just an FYI, this is a very rough, NOT-fancy banner. ;-) It has frayed edges and I kinda like the roughness and how it looks with the red, white and blue colors. Once I learn how to sew, however, that feeling might change. Heh heh.

I ironed all the cut triangles and then plugged in my trusty glue gun.

Insert whiny 2 1/2  (almost 3, holy crap!) year old boy who wanted to be cuddled HERE:

I took my pretty, NOT fancy, triangles...

....and then glued them onto the sparkly red jute, all while managing to burn my fingertips a couple of times.


And a couple of minutes later? DONE-zo!!!

I love it!

And so do the kids. Hunter told me, "Mama, boo-tiful banner!"

Go make your own "boo-tiful" banner. You won't be sorry!

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