Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yarn-Covered Letter Cuteness

I've been uncovering stuff as I clean/organize the house, and it's been like Christmas around here!

Yesterday I pulled out a bag of yarn from my brief scarf-knitting days. I could not seem to progress past the scarf stage--and even that wasn't fun for me, just frustrating--so I finally said to heck with it!

But now I have some fuzzy yarn to figure out what to do with!

Well, back to yesterday while I was staring at this yarn, and I suddenly remembered an idea I saw on a blog, or maybe on Pinterest. 

A yarn-wrapped letter!

Of course I can't remember where exactly I first saw it so I hopped on Pinterest quick for a link to show you guys and look at how many different pins I found!

Most of the yarn I had was all fuzzy and kind of textured so I already knew it would be more "puffy" than most of the letters I saw on Pinterest.

Anyway, I started with a cardboard letter "C" I had from Joann's (shopping with two littles under three is interesting...i almost ALWAYS end up with something extra in the cart!). C is the first letter of our last name.

I forgot to take a picture before hand so this picture is from Joann's site just so you can get an idea. 

Next step, and really the only step...start wrapping your yarn! 

Now I'm sure some people glue their yarn on, but becuz I wasn't sure how I'd like this particular yarn on my letter I wanted to be able to take it off if I hated it (which I did NOT hate it)!

So I just wrapped it tight and tucked the loose end underneath the wrapped pieces.

All done!

I threw it up on a shelf in the kitchen for now until I decide where it's going to live!

Super easy and super cute!

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