Friday, June 1, 2012

Help me find a crafting desk!

I've been a hair bow making-fiend lately!

Had my first FOUR sales in my brand new Etsy shop and that's been pretty awesome. :-) It inspires to create so much more!!!

I have lots of ideas floating around in my head so now it's a matter of trying to find the TIME to get to them.

And this might sound silly to some, BUT, also trying to find a SPACE to call my OWN to do my crafting in! We don't have an extra bedroom in this house so that is not an option (my kids share a bedroom and there IS a third bedroom but it's my Grandmother-in-law's bedroom for when she stays here on and off in the summer. She owns this house so I can't take her bedroom away. Heh heh.) I've been telling my hubby I need a desk and he keeps saying we have nowhere to put it.

Yes and no. While right now I can't figure out where we'd put it, I CAN shift stuff around our downstairs to make space for one! It will just take some manuevering in this L-shaped area of ours (that is the toy room/living room/dining room all in one). 

I know these are pics from Thanksgiving/Christmas time but I wanted to show you the shape of my  house. And I couldn't find any other pic that showed enough. So in this shot, the toy room is BEHIND the tree and the dining area is to the right of me. See? L-shape!
And the picture-taker is standing in the living room area. Kinda hard to explain, but, usually (anytime BUT Christmas time) the couch is sort of where the tree is, like partially obstructing the view of the toy room.

 And in addition to FITTING into this strange shaped future desk/craft area has to be efficient AND pretty! Tall order? We'll see!

This is  better view while in part of the dining area looking INTO the the living room (the toy room is to the right behind the tree and out of the shot).

Any ideas, people??

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