Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Planning a birthday party...PIRATE style!

I've been fiendishly working on the party decorations for Hunter's upcoming 3rd birthday PIRATE themed party!

Even though I technically still have a week and a half I do NOT want to be waiting till the last minute to do EVERYTHING. Plus we are going camping this weekend so that's almost three whole days I will be doing no crafting or party prep. Eek!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a sneak peek of some of the stuff I've been up to!

I am in LOVE with this cute little skull and crossbones! I made these for cupcake toppers (and just today attached them to red tooth picks) and every time Hunter sees them he happily cries out, "Pirates, Mama!"

I made a quick run to Michael's (Craft store) one day last week to grab some more scrapbook paper. Heh, like I REALLY thought I was only going in to look for scrapbook paper? Even though I had to go to work, 30 minutes LATER, I was finally leaving the store. (I seriously thought I'd be in there like 10 minutes.)

They JUST came out with their Halloween stuff (the end of JULY?!?! Seriously??) so I browsed around thinking I could find something pirate-y.

I got this cool crystal looking skull using a 40% off coupon--woo hoo!--and a sparkly sign that spells out "Beware" with crows sitting on top.  And then the icing on the cake? In a section of house-decorating items, there was a bunch of kind of vintage-y looking boxes. I literally stopped in my tracks as I was walking by and lifted it up, thinking "Hmmm, this looks kind of like a treasure box." And THEN I turned it over  and balked at the price tag: $21.99. I hastily put it back down and that's when my eye was drawn to the sign blaring "70% OFF".
While I wouldn't pay $21.99 for it, I most certainly would pay $6.50 for it!  I was so excited about my purchases that I had to take them out and gaze at them in the hot, hot car (I put the a/c on of course) and then immediately take a picture of my booty! My PIRATE booty! Heh heh.

I've been working hard at night, after the kiddos are in bed, with my newest favorite obsession. My Cricut!

I'm having a blast making this stuff. I've got his birthday  banner partially assembled (it still needs to be strung on the ribbon. That baby is a labor of love, that's for sure.
And this morning, before getting ready for work, I squeezed in a little more party decoration-making and finished up (and filled!) the goody bags. Only thing left is I need to address the tags with each child's name, once I have everyone RSVP'd.

Hunter was very excited to see the goody bags!

Anyway, things are coming along nicely! I can't WAIT to celebrate my big boy's 3rd birthday!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

\Wow, I didn't mean to go this long before posting!

Obviously, summer has been good to me.  Lots of parties, swimming in the lake, day outings and my hubby and I just recently bought a camper (or, excuse me, hybrid travel trailer. And the link I included isn't the exact one we got, but similar. Ours only has one pop out to the right of the door. Ours sleeps approximately 6). So after we pick that up next weekend, we'll be going on a couple of weekend camping trips as well!

But in the meantime, I'm starting to really plan out the details for my son, Hunter's, upcoming 3rd birthday party.

It's going to be a pirate party! 

X marks the spot!!!

Hunter loves any and all things pirate. Just about every day he can be heard saying: "Argh, matey!" or "Heave ho!" And he often digs in the dirt in the yard searching for buried treasure.
So, the wheels have been turning in my brain for some pirate party fun. Pinterest has been my friend, helping me brainstorm ideas!
First of all, I need to get my hiney moving here cuz time is going by quick...I still haven't even sent out the invitations! I decided to make them myself after seeing some cute ideas online where people did it on Kraft paper and then slightly burned/singed the edges of the paper.   I think that is such a cute idea!

Now, our party probably won't be as cool as some of the ones I've pinned, but I've gotten some good food for thought to give my sweet son a totally fun pirate party!

Argh, matey!!!