Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bring on Autumn!

Well, the party is over

Summer is drawing to a close (slowly, but surely).

It may still be August, but I'm already in Halloween-mode! Planning how to decorate my house and mantle, working on some new holiday bows for my Etsy shop AND for my sweet little model, Avery.

I bought the kids Halloween shirts the other day when I was at Walmart (okay, can I just say, Walmart has never been my favorite store for adult clothes, but for kids clothes? Perfect! My kids are ROUGH on their clothes, not to mention how fast they grow out of them. The other day I picked up a few things becuz here in CT we just had "No Tax Shopping Week". They do this every year about a week before school starts back up. The back to school shoppers get a slight reprieve in the form of NO TAXES on shoes and clothes. I bought Avery two pairs of sneakers, plus got each kid some new jammies (short sleeve, long pants, for the slightly cooler nights), a Halloween shirt for each one, a short sleeve shirt for Hunter for the end of this summer and that he can wear next year and long sleeve shirt for fall/winter for Hunter...and some summer clothes for Avery for next year! I'm not normally one to shop for a kid a whole year in advance, but the clothes were on clearance! I got Avery like 3-4 shirts ranging in price from $1.50-3.00. I couldn't resist! So if your little (messy!) ones need new stuff, go check out the clearance racks at Walmart!).

So in the spirit of Halloween, I also started working on some new holiday hair bows!

 I made a new Korker for my shop last night that would match PERFECTLY with Avery's adorable new orange and black long sleeved tee shirt!

Then using the same ribbons, I decided to make a slightly different hair bow.

One of my Sassy Loops Hair Bows. The candy corn printed ribbon is super sweet and I suddenly remembered I also had a candy corn resin to adorn it with!

So now I have visions of (sugar plums?) autumn leaves, pumpkins, spooky ghosts and turkeys dancing in my head! The possibilities are endless! I really wish I had a sewing machine, becuz there are even a couple of new bows I would make if I could, but really require sewing.

I'm getting SO excited for Fall!!

FYI: There is a sale going on in my shop right now. Use Coupon Code: ENDOFSUMMER12 in order to receive FREE SHIPPING off your next order! This is going on through September 15th. Happy shopping!

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