Monday, October 15, 2012

Monster Mash Spiky Pinwheel Hair BOO-tiful!

Working on some new holiday hair bows! Halloween right now, naturally.  One of my MOST favorite holidays (tied with Christmas, of course!).

There is just NOTHING I don't love whole-heartedly about 'ol Hallows Eve!

The spookier the better!

And I'm really diggin' the black/green/purple combinations in a lot of the Halloween decorations so why not carry it over to a hair bow?

Tonight, I made one I named my Monster Mash Spiky Pinwheel Hair Bow. 

Ain't she purdy? Or...should I say...scary?  Who doesn't love a good monster this time of  year, right?

I had just received some new ribbons in the mail on Saturday so I was eager to dive right in.

If you are looking for a super easy bow to make becuz you don't have any bow-making experience OR you just can't master some of those cutesy little twisted bows (oh my god, they are so HARD to get just right! argh!), then the spiky pinwheel is for you. So easy and actually fun to make.

You pretty much just start layering your ribbons. Easy-peasy.

If you are looking for an actual tutorial on how to make the spiky pinwheel, this ain't one. HA! But seriously, go check out this tutorial if you need some guidance.  She is one of my FAVORITES on youtube.

Layer, stack and glue!  That's it.

Now my only dilemma? To pair it with a green crochet headband or green crochet beanie?

I will for sure have to try both variations on my little model, tomorrow, to get the full effect. My "Little Bones" LOVES trying on and all her new Halloween hair bows! 

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