Sunday, January 27, 2013

I made a light box!

So one thing I've been wanting to work on in the New Year, is how to better market my shop and make it more visually appealing. First and foremost, I wanted to take better photographs of my hair bows and tutus to post in my shop and on my FB page.

I am NOT a professional photograph. I have a nice camera that hubby and I bought about 6 ish years ago but I serioualy couldnt tell you anything more about it other than it's a Nikon. All those fancy dials? I can't figure out what they are for (other than obviously "flash/no flash" etc.) I have PHotoshop but do I know how to use it? Hell no.


I pondered what else I could do, since I just don't have the time right now to take any classes (online or other) on photography OR Photoshop. 

One day while blog-hopping, I stumbled across someone's tutorial on how to make a light box. It looked crazily simple. Cardboard box, tissue paper, piece of poster board, box cutter, tape, lights (well, sorta, but we'll get to that later)...check.

With kids hovering and trying to stick their heads inside of the small "house" (aka: the box) I did it! I made myself a light box to take pictures of my hair bows and accessories in!

Here is the finished product!

And this is the first photo I took in it, unedited. I just have to say I haven't bought lighting yet, so I just had one desk lamp with a 100watt bulb in it, hence the shadow. But still...amazing difference compared to the pics i was taking before!

I can't WAIT to get some better lighting and get to picture-taking!! It's amazing what about five bucks can do! ;-)

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