Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's time to plan out Avery's Sweet Shoppe 3rd Birthday Party!

I just can't believe it but my little baby girl, Avery,
will be turning THREE YEARS OLD in early March.
HOW did that happen?? Wasn't she just BORN?
But I digress!
I'm already planning out her birthday party and have been pinning like crazy, taking notes, starting to gather up supplies. I LOVE birthday parties for my kids. Planning and executing them gives me an almost giddy high!  I'm sure a lot of friends and family (my husband included!) may think I'm an insane party animal for going into so many details, but now that my kids are bigger, and can verbalize how much they love it, well it makes my day like nothing else.
So, for Little Miss Avery, we will have a Sweet Shoppe Party! I've seen the idea ALL OVER the blogosphere so nothing "original" but it's certainly super cute and colorful!
And sweet. Who doesn't love sweets????
If you are interested, here is the board I've been pinning to for the party. Will I use ALL these ideas for her party? Of course not! But they are giving me some great ideas of what I want to do and I'm starting to narrow it all down.
A friend of mine is working on the party printables. I had a sneak peek and they will be suuuuuuper cute. Invitation, cupcake toppers, labels for the goody bags, etc.
I started making some cute little "candy" decorations that will adorn the dessert table (sorry I didn't link the blog where I learned how to make them, but if you go to my Sweet Shoppe board on Pinterest, you'll find the tutorial there! I did mine a tiny bit differently then hers, but close enough).  Here's a pic of  a couple of my fake "candies"  (with a cute little fake cupcake I bought off etsy...I'm going to take some pics of Avery for her invitation with the cupcake and then after it will serve as decoration at the party):
 I also may start up soon on the birthday banner (otherwise known to some as "bunting" but that makes me think of dessert, LOL, so I just call it a pennant banner). Found this tutorial on Pinterest just last night, for the banner pictured below. Seems simple and cute, right?
And since I JUST touched a sewing machine for the first time EVER the other night when a good friend gave me my first lesson, it's not too ambitious to want to sew it, right? :-) I normally just whip up a banner with my cricut but this years I really hope to sew.  Here's a couple photos of banners I've created in the past, using my cricut (except for this first one where I just used some circle cutters I have from my scrap-booking days): 
Banners for Avery's 1st Birthday Party.
(no theme, just the colors of pink, black and zebra print)


Birthday Sign for Hunter's Pirate 3rd Birthday Party


Avery's 2nd Birthday Minnie Mouse Banner. LOVE how this one came out. :-)

Mickey head banner for decoration.
I love using my Cricut to make as many of the birthday decorations as I can (not just banners)! This year will be no exception. So even if I don't sew the birthday banner, I'll still make one.
Before I leave you to go work on some decorations, check out these super cute frames and doilies--in our party colors--that I got from Michael's $1 and $2 bins!
I try to always keep my eyes out for potential good deals I can use and these just happened to be there when I KNEW about her party. Other times I randomly buy items not sure when/where/how I'll use them, but knowing eventually I WILL.
Anyway, check back in soon cuz I'll be sharing my progress as I create! I have some cake stands to put together but it's just been too cold to spray paint. So those will probably come sometime next month....see ya soon! Happy crafting!

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